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If you are looking for the Ultimate site on Indian Horse racing coverage with all the complete details made available to you on a minute-minute basis, then you have come to the right place.

If your needs for information on Indian Horse Racing are like :

1. A Complete race card: The Complete race card is available here with the Race Name, the class of the race, the horses running today, the jockeys, the trainers and what time the races begin.

2. Probable Odds: Probable Odds for each horse running.

3. Race Results: We have the best systems with which we are able to feed in the race results within a few seconds after the end of each race (No one can supply you the results, as fast as we do).

4. Handicap and Acceptance: You can get handicap and acceptance on the site for the future race of all centres covered by us.

5. Track Work: Accurate track work of the horses competing in races can be available for the past 60 days. And also a daily track work is available per date.

6. Horse Information: You can get Horse Information like pedigree, trainer, owner, colour, type, birth date, age, nationality. Plus the Eagle Eye Positive and Negative Habits
( EE Special ).

7. Past Race Records: You can see detailed past race results with race reports, distance, timing, and the dividends of the race.

8. Statistics about Jockey and Trainer: We have in-depth statistics on jockeys and trainers on a centre by centre basis.

Our statistics are even categorized down like :

· Total Wins / Seconds / Third / Fourth for particular jockey/trainer or for All J/T.
· Total Mounts during that season.
· Total Favourite won / Lost / Non favourite won.

And all the above statistics can be viewed in-depth like which favourite won or lost along with the trainers which have brought in the most wins and the least.

Ofcourse, if thats not enough to convince you, you could always try our free membership. So what are you waiting for? Join Now